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Default How can We take the Bible seriously?

Sure I know the general messige in it I understand and seriously if I were to re-wright the thing it would only be one sentence long "Don't be a ******* to otheres and they wont be one back to You"

However othere thing's it states is just realy hyprocritical and unlogical and to be honest ****'s Me off People are willing to follow it all so blindly with out asking questions, This is My major problem with it all.

Ok please don't get Me wrong I am NOT Raceist or Anti-Jew nor am I typeing this for arguement sake I realy want to know whats the deal with this story and please correct Me if I am wrong but here it goes.

Befor the Jew's went to Egypt they had there own land and city and as far as I know didn't have any real problems with othere culture's at that time, Then after awhile they suffered from year's of drought's fire's and othere natureal disaster's.

At this point they ALL migrated to Egypt which at this point in history was the worlds super power basicly and at first the Egyptions accepted them and for alittle while both lived side by side peacfully.

Now I'm not sure what started to slavery thing but I have a guess it was due to the Egyption's getting sick of beeing accuessed as Demonic and Wrong due to there way's and culture by the very People they accepted into there country with open arm's and it got to a stage where the Egyptions felt so ungratefull that they said screw it if You guys wanna live on our land and eat our food Your gonna have to work Your ass off for it (not saying it was right)

Now after a few years or hundred w/e of slavery the Jew's continuesly "Bitched" about it untill moses and He's Brother were told by god to take the jew's out and take them to there promiss land.

Once out of Egypt they were on a 40 year journey and once again they Jew's bitched about it.

They reached babylon and assumed this was ment to be there promiss land and the babylonians wouldn't let them in so now apparently the jew's played music to destroy there city. (lol nice to see what happens when people dont get what they want hey?)

Then after that they walked around the middle east some more untill they settled in whats known as israle today where they claime to have found there promiss land offerd to them by god....while this land was allready occupied and still to this day the jew's are bitching about what land is excately there's.....

Whats the moral of this story serious? continuesly bitch about thing's and destroy that which You can not own? Doesn't seem like a very possitive or loveing scenario to Me.

One othere thing about fundermental christians that get's to Me is the whole if a major disaster strucks a child and they die (depending in which manner there taken anyway) People will be all like "this is the work of the devil/evil" though apparently all children are innocent and get a automatic pass to heaven if they die so like honestly.....Why would Lucifer wish to increas the number's of He's enermy? seem's more logical to keep them alive and try to influence them at a older age.....

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