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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

If and ONLY IF there are possibly AV1 members being tapped for AV2 membership. Yes, that's means that I would like to see more than just words concerning such membership. Show me who invited you and why you were invited or why you think that you were invited. Then again, what's the point??

Then again, I wonder what kind of qualifications AV2 candidates must have in order to be tapped for AV2 membership. Are the Av2 candidates seen as those (by the AV2 forum) who do not question authority and go with the flow of the AV2 majority belief system? What ever such AV2 beliefs maybe, we ALL have our own beliefs that we firmly stand by. So I am not saying that AV2 should be shammed by us non-tapped AV2 wanna be's (kidding).

The unspoken fact is that whom ever owns any forum is also whom ever decides what that forum can and can not be. this especially includes any and all time/energy that you put into any forum. So if the forum owner(s) want to remove your posts/threads, then so they can without any talking to anyone about it all. If the forum owners decide to try and make lots and lots of money from their forum, then they can do that as well. Especially when so many of the past posts/threads (from various forum members) of that forum are the reason why that forum is not only so popular now, but that such popularity could be a wonderful cash flow for the forum owner(s). I guess there is nothing wrong with making money in this day and age, so long as it's legal.

I dunno, I guess the best way to settle it all would be for everyone here to start their own forums and see how long such internet gossip posting survives and which forums shut down within a week to a few months due to what ever. What you think?

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