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Default Re: One Million kilometer filament on the Sun

I was asked by several Avalon members to open up a thread based of events that will manifest this month but it seems a few others have also understood the importance of the latest SOHO images.

Indeed Based on planetary alignments alone there will be a significant event perhaps overshadowing the Chile 8.8 late feb and there will be a tsunami march 14-15 as this magnetic filament on the sun is a foreshadow representation ........ One only has to look at the EIT171 image below for further depth. The likely size of Tsunami is unknown but we will be hearing tsunami alerts just like we did after the Chile event all over the media once this event occurs.

This clearly shows a tear or splitting underneath the magnetic ribbon formed above a huge coronal hole this could be a foreshadow of a huge event that will split land across a susceptible fault line.

Based on my research this quake will hit 35degrees north - northern hemisphere on the 14-15 march 2010

Just so happens the San Andreas lies along this projected path as does areas around Japan .... This filament represents a 1000km rip or tear.

There is also a significant aftershock also showing on the sun and is expected to reach us on 21/3/2010 this event is separate to the above mentioned and much more northern area around 43degrees north .... Which maybe a further action along same plates or from my research it is more likely the 21/3/2010 quake will be a Mediterranean event Italy / Greece.

So in closing dates to be on watch mode are March 14-16 , March 21 and March 31.

Those of you who live in these areas, i would take this information very seriously

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