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Default Re: President Obama answers questions on YouTube


The underlying justifications for your "responses" to authority seem like this :

The government will do this, The Industry will do that. People will make the wrong choices.

Yet Ive been accused of having the grim outlook.

I think you might be less independent in your intent then you realize.

You have explained politics. You loose by default. You support the infringement on Individual Choice. It is the same for all issues within politics and law.

What I am trying to explain is reality in the most neutral way possible. Duality. People will always make wrong choices and do harm to others. When I say "will" its for the sake of being neutral. Its not a "grim" outlook, its the structure of something important. Free Will. Its the human ability to do either negative or positive.

I want things to get better. I dont want to get distracted by numbers, compromises, laws, "responses", etc......

I think people on this thread agree "FULL" legalization is what we want. And yet I have a sinking feeling that people think its something to be planned. Nope. You say one thing. Full legalization. Thats it.

I understand the urge to use government for good by keeping things tougher for Industry and Corporate America to do. We are all scared of things. Thats why you follow laws that you dont agree with. You meaning most people. But all your really talking about is control. Not freedom. Safety. Its backwards talk. Surely you see the conflict.

If you watch politics and engage in the process. Then thats the problem. I'm sorry they have guns and will use them. Thats about as far as my understanding goes about Politics.

I could have made this point alot easier by just stating that I try to avoid the law as much as possible. I lie to the authorities when need be. I do not believe in government what so ever.

I know we both have the right concerns and best wishes at heart. I merely see where the issue is more..........fearlessly?

I dont have a family to support, so my burden is of my own. But I do not compare burdens and decide which are more important. This is the thinking in which your logic on this issue is based. Others too?

But I digress. Perhaps this is something for another thread.

For now I'll quit while Im...............awww ****.

peace my friend.
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