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Default Re: President Obama answers questions on YouTube

Originally Posted by shiftmonkey View Post
It's just an educated guess on my part based on the governments track record and the way things are managed here in California where medical marijuana legislation has already been passed.

You'll be able to grow your own pot if you have a doctors prescription. If you don't have a doctors prescription you will still get thrown in jail.
I'm sorry, but that is not what legalization means. Legalization laws have been passed in Netherlands for many years now. You can buy, grow and smoke your own pot wheter you have or have not a doctors prescription.

Originally Posted by shiftmonkey View Post
I apologize if I came across as presumptuous. The mix-up between marijuana and hemp is very common. I didn't realize that you have a limited vocabulary in English.

I totally agree with you. Hemp would be an outstanding resource for industry. The problem is that the majority of paper and textile factories are not set up to deal with hemp fiber. To convert the factories over to hemp will cost billions of dollars, so don't expect industry to be very supportive of hemp decriminalization.
It's really not a problem. I'm sorry if I came across too crude. Thats just my style of thinking in english
I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
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