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Default Re: President Obama answers questions on YouTube

Shiftmonkey.......what we have here is problem, reaction, solution. A solution we all will not like or approve of.

shiftmonkey, you have made some really valid points in your post, & to be honest, ones I had not contemplated. The cigarette industry is struggling for survival, so the legalization of marijuana would be a nice cash cow for them.

Just like people don't grow their own tobacco for their cigerattes, neither will people bother to grow their own weed when they can buy it at the local corner store or drugstore.

This is a perfect win/win for government & industry. However, since govt. & the pharmaceutical industry is not in the business of "curing" people of disease, don't expect them to sell you a product to cure your cancer.

I agree, legalizing the herb will only benefit industry.
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