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Default How to save the world... My way.

Hi all,

The thread here really inspired me and it resonates very well with my own feeling about start making a change NOW, instead of later.

In the last few days I've been struggling with how to present my idea in a way that people hopefully will understand. Anyway, just a few days ago I said to myself: I have this great idea, I haven't seen it anywhere else and no one will do the initial work for me. So just let go of all fears and do something about it! Well, there you go.

I am a holistic thinker and this is a problem for me when I need to explain things in detail. Many people want details, and many certainly wants to know the how's of everything. Well I have a fairly detailed goal and the how is created on the way towards the goal. I've always found it good to discuss my ideas with people, this time there haven't been any people around to discuss with, at least no one open minded enough. I'm hoping this will change now as I have made a very "non detailed" presentation and I'm presenting it at the most open minded forum in the world.

Well, a few days ago I decided to take my idea as far as I can. I registered a domain, and have been finding out how to put the information out there. It has been a challenge as I have never ever done a webpage before, and I'm learning while doing.

It's not by far done yet, and I'm adding new information all along.
Please go there and give me some feedback, I don't know if this thread is the right place to start, but it is a start and I'll have to see where it takes me.
It's just ME even if I use WE in the presentation so bear with me as we go on this journey together!

Here's the link to my newly created site where I present my idea:

With love and hope for US to create MY dream world. Hopefully it's your dream world as well.

Please give me any and all feedback possible. This will help me to further clarify my dream and will make our respective dreams correlate with each other even better. This way we can make a collective effort to achieve them.

For a better world in love, peace and abundance,

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