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Default Re: President Obama answers questions on YouTube

Originally Posted by shiftmonkey View Post
Sorry about the rant but I just wanted to comment on legalization since it's an issue that is very close to home for me.

Medical marijuana is already legal here in California and the growers here aren't convinced that legalization will benefit anyone except the government and big corporations. It certainly will not benefit the growers as they will tell you first hand.

Most of the growers here are families that work very hard to earn a living at it. Yes some make a good living, but they are very meticulous in their growing methods and most grow organic. They are already under an insane amount of imposed state restrictions that just keep piling up.

After legalization the federal restrictions will further undercut the small family operations and open the door to big corporations like Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds. These companies already own thousands of acres in South America just waiting for the legislation to go through. Restrictions will be such that it will be illegal to grow your own medicine.

After legalization cigarette companies will be the medical marijuana "industry" and you will likely see mergers and acquisitions between them and the pharmaceutical companies. It should already be apparent by examining the effects of the health care/pharmaceutical cartel that industry and medicine do not mix. Take a look at what tobacco companies have done to make tobacco more addictive and the toxic chemicals added to make cigarettes burn a certain way. Do people really want this insidious bunch growing medicine?

I certainly do not want cigarette companies or any corporation deciding what to spray on my medicine. Just stand back for a moment and you can see what's coming. Genetic engineering for maximum yield, chemical additives, toxic pesticides and more taxes to support the machine.

People want legalization but most are extremely short sighted in what the process will actually do. People need to wake up on this issue because legalization the way the government wants to do it is a trap. We need fewer laws and restrictions with less federal control not more.

At what point do people stop relying on the government to give them permission? Marijuana is a god given gift. If you want to smoke it- grow it yourself and smoke it- or at least get it from a source that you know and trust.
Hey those are all things we should be aware of and keep working on. Im with ya.

With that said, Im Sorry man, but that is the most selfish rant ive heard in a long time.

1. Legalization means that hundreds of thousands of people will not get thrown into prison.

2. Your view that its wrong to legalize it, because Big pharma will contaminate it is understood, but irrelevant. Its about what "the people" can do once it is legal.

3. im sorry for all the regulations. But it is the name of the game when you deal with the government.

4. I do not see legalization as a money maker. I see it as whatever "the people" want it to be. whether it is for recreation, medical, or business.

5. I dont need permission to smoke or grow anything. I dont want to be thrown in jail when I do. What dont you get about being locked up?

Honestly sir, your reasons "sound" good, but your speaking politics to me.....and well It really bares no weight on the subject.

Just being honest.



P.S. I just want to stress, that I dont care what new spin the government uses with the legalization movement. I want to be free.
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