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Default Re: President Obama answers questions on YouTube

Originally Posted by Firstlook View Post
Legalization is a good one. I was just watching the trailer for "How weed won the west", and listening to Rick Simpson talk about hemp oil.

Its gonna happen. When is the question.

Marijuana is the best plant we have for producing clothing, paper and much much other products that are vital for our civilisation. The products whos production today destroys acres and acres of forests. I'm all for the legalisation of marijuana and bringing it back to the industrial production.

On the other side, it is quite frustrating to see for example how sustainable energy or free energy questions are being voted by THE PEOPLE to not be suitable to arise in this interview. What is wrong with people?
I understand that most people in America are concerned with health care, taxes and issues like that, but this is a question that has never been asked, and never been answered. I dunno, maybe I'm expecting too much
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