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Default Re: Predictions... To be or not to be?

A conversation between Billy Meier and Ptaah in 1995. Full version can be found here;


...For this reason I will simply list, in chronological order, the most important upcoming events, or rather incidents and occurrences, etc., that will take place beginning with 1995. This year will show that nature's catastrophes will continue to wreak endless havoc. Events related to the havoc will increase or decrease in number; in other words, occasionally there will be more of them and sometimes less, but overall the incidents will escalate. Regarding overpopulation, unfortunately, no changes for the better will take place; indeed, overpopulation will escalate.

On a broader scale, expect a coup involving the USA and its president, in the year 2003, in march, which will stun the entire world. Additionally, lengthy deliberations will increasingly take place regarding Islamic fundamentalism, which will mesmerize the entire globe. Uprisings, revolutions, wars and other diverse forms of unrest will escalate tremendously, with Islamic fundamentalism playing a very sad part in the scenario.

The health of terrestrials is in extreme danger not only from the rapid spread of AIDS, but from the rising ill effects of scrapie among humans, whereby the Creutzfeldt-Jakob-Syndrome is not the only repercussion. The scrapie epidemic will increase among animals as well. And if this is not enough, another horrible epidemic and pneumonia will break out among human beings.
Even though efforts are made to the contrary, the renewed threat of chemical warfare, a long-standing practice, will be on the rise once again. Likewise, the same holds true for nuclear and biologic weaponry. The danger of accidents in nuclear reactors will increase throughout the world. Regarding this subject, France in particular must be extraordinarily careful in every way, for one prophecy warns of a strong probability for an accident near Lyon, which can be prevented as long as the responsible individuals undertake the right steps --- a prophecy can be changed.

Initial efforts are being made by a new movement to promote total non-violence; while a woman gains a high and influential position among world powers through another group's formation. While mass tourism will increase by leaps and bounds, and slowly but surely will invade and destroy the remaining Shangri-Las on Earth, first steps will be taken for a flight to Mars, but will not be blessed with good fortune. However, the next flight, which ensues very soon, will have better luck although it will encounter certain difficulties due to unexpected technical problems. All of this will transpire shortly after the worldwide misery of unemployment and its related ills are corrected and surmounted.

A new hording of weapon stockpiles will follow at a time when the worldwide production of weaponry is accelerated once again. This will signal the first threat of a looming third world war, as foretold by a prophecy, unless terrestrial Man strives to avert this danger through reasoning and appropriate thoughts and actions. Should Man fail to act against the fulfillment of this prophecy, a new and extremely destructive weapon will be built that will produce disastrous consequences in the next world war. One important factor in this scenario is the criminal neglect to monitor the Earth from space. New weapons will once again create quite a stir, and so will the death of 4 heads of state who will die within 7 days from each other.

These then are the last danger signs, which foretell that within merely 2 years of these events the long-feared world war will indeed erupt, unless terrestrials finally gain mastery over their reasoning to stop all these ills. Should this not be done, mankind will fail in its attempt to protest and boycott the new deadly weapons, because by this time the armories of many nations will be full to their capacity. Passing laws to prohibit the use of these weapons will be ineffective at this late stage.

World War III cannot be averted if Man fails to finally become reasonable! The war will begin with conventional weaponry and escalate to nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. The world war will begin in November of a specific year, after 5 years of intensive effort are spent reaching this goal which is preceded by 4 years of unspecified preparations. Should war actually break out, it will last for 3 years and 11 months and will therefore end in October of the fourth year.

By this time, Earth's northern hemisphere will be largely destroyed by nuclear fires and radioactive radiation that will annihilate the entire animal and plant world unless Man sees to it that the prophecy proves itself to be just a prophecy without fulfilling itself. Should this not be the case, the world will face some additional 11 bitter years of poverty, misery, starvation and many other ills. The nuclear radiation will cause the crippling and mutation of the children born at that time, and multitudes who survive the war will be contaminated and burned by radiation. Chemical warfare will cause horrifying and atrocious skin diseases, and biological warfare will produce festering sores and many other ills, not to mention vicious human freaks, etc.
Prior to these events unfolding, however --- always with the assumption that the prophecy fulfills itself through Man's own fault --- scientists will discover the manipulated gene from ancient times in the DNA chain responsible for the rapid aging in human beings. These events may yet unfold this year, for preparations in this area began already in 1994. Whether scientists make their discovery public and utilize their findings to their fullest merit is questionable, however. From the way things look now, public disclosures regarding these discoveries will not be made until a much later date, and probably will still remain this way for a very long time before the public will be fully informed about the discovery. Therefore, a long period will pass before the genetic manipulations are reversed by retro-manipulation of the pertinent gene. For the time being, scientists will be unaware that the gene they have stumbled upon is the key factor, and that it is this particular gene which was previously manipulated once before, many millions of years ago.

Should the prophecy of another world war fulfill itself, and should terrestrial humankind not immediately begin rethinking and redirecting its entire effort into beneficial routes, the consequences of this World War III will be cataclysmic. Likewise, this holds true for an enormous revenge-campaign directed against the war precipitators, which will be initiated and directed by a bloodthirsty man, who is --- how could it be otherwise? --- another "Representative of God", a pope. Once again, these events are based on the condition that the prophecy fulfills itself through the fault of Earth's human beings.

With the melting of the polar caps there also looms for Earth in the not-too-distant future another severe economic crisis that will spread throughout the globe. And another global war, World War IV, will once again threaten this planet and its entire terrestrial population because of their own unreason. However, several reasonable individuals are able to neutralize the threat, which is again abetted by the invention of new weapons with great striking power that will be the materialization of those weapons existing now only in science fiction novels. They are deathray throwers, ray canons, ray rifles and ray guns, among others. In the midst of these developments, three scientists will generate an incredibly inexpensive energy source, although this will not be the only new form of energy, for another will be found as well, that is based on sound vibrations. And again, new and deadly weapons will be developed from this. Scientists tend to utilize everything they can get their hands on, and for this reason it is inevitable that Man will stop the Greenhouse Effect and utilize its effects in reverse, thereby preventing a further melting of the polar caps. These actions, in turn, will lower the highly elevated water levels of all oceans.

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