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Default Re: Predictions... To be or not to be?

Hi Housemouse...

I can really relate to your experience. I went through something similar about a year and a half ago. I became convinced that something was going to happen. I've been intrigued by post appocalyptic scenarios for a long while... films like Mad Max always rang a bell with me.

I got food in, bought a water filter...matches.. candles ...lamp oil etc. Because it really felt real to me. I felt like by reading some of these alternative web sites, I had found information that was true... or going to come true. It made sense.

But I am currently in a place where I am not believing in that future. Funny... even where some of the people who I originally told about big changes coming down the pipe are coming back to me and saying... 'you were right.. we need to get ready... we need to buy food.. find a safe place...' and now I'm saying... don't worry.

Don't get me wrong. Even for an ice storm it may be prudent to carry some extra food and matches. There's nothing wrong in being prepared. As long as we don't buy into its 'certainty' of happening too much.

Now my intuition tells me that something big is going to happen, but the appocalyptic scenario is perhaps just too straightforward.

But boy... I spent months... reading up on everything I could find... and worrying.

Funny... but I wonder how many Avalonians remember consciously that the whole original point of PA was so that likeminded people could get together and start building real communities that could cope with the events that are to come.

In the end, it's done a pretty good job of building an online community. Maybe we're all just getting to know one another first... if anything does happen... I'd feel quite at home in a commune with the likes of Swanny, Rhythm, Mudra, Burgundia, Karen, Anchor and dozens more like them... crikey.. it's beginning to sound like we're in a soap opera!

Neighbours.... everybody need good neighbours.... :0)

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