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Default Re: Predictions... To be or not to be?

I just remember being worried in 1999 that some big war was going to kick off (was concerned about a third world war happening since the early eighties, when of course we had the cold-war). People were convinced a third world war was going to happen, look at all those cold war/spy films.

It seems kitsch now to see Timothy Dalton as James Bond going up against them pesky ruskies! But back then I really felt that something would kick off in my lifetime.

I just don't think it's my job to worry about them anymore. We've had our fair share of missed predictions in the last year and a half. I hope I've grown out of the need of something spsectacular to look forward to . Now I realise that I'm spectacular the need is not the same.

Still, I think you've put up an excellent thread. Because so many people who have 'woken up' are focusing on the fear of predictions (swine flu, fema camps, nuclear war, tsunamis, nanochipping - what happened to the girl us soldier who was getting ready..? and got her message out on youtube of impending roundups?) and what may happen to us. It is great to have a thread where the predicitions can be posted and watched to see that (in my view..) none of them come true.

I'm even starting to be wary of 2012 ! (though I've known about that one - and planet x since about 1993)

Good luck with the thread, hope we get some interesting ones!

Peace n love

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