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Default Re: Predictions... To be or not to be?

Originally Posted by gita View Post
John Jay Harper who is a futurist and research scientist, said in an interview on Conscious Media Network, that Mount Rainier will cause a catastrophe by setting off an earthquake measuring 8 on Richter scale which in turn will set off a mammoth tsunamis near Washington. The interview can be watched on the link below.
Hi GIta,

I've read somewhere of Washington being deep in 'brackish water'. Can't remember where though, sorry. We read so much, don't we ?! Could be one of the camelot interviewees, George Green maybe.

I've always been fascinated by predictions. I had a book on Nostradamus as a teenager, and remember his prediction that in 1999 Mars would reign supreme. This was about 1980 when I read this, but it always stuck with me. Would we have martians invading? Some say of course it is to do with the God of War.

But the eclipse came and went and 1999 and no war...everyone was just worried about the milenium bug and milenium fever.

Still when I look back on that prediction now I think well, geez, we have Afghanistan, Iraq, and the war on terrorism and now an apparent war on all free people to remove that freedom. So, he wasn't so far out after all... !

My latest thought on predictions of the future is that they are just a handy way of focusing our attention away from the present. And that is where all the important work gets done.

I remember when Nortel in Paignton closed down. They made the announcement in August '98 that it would be closed by Christmas. Suddenly everyone focused on the closure date... even those who were kept on after closure. Productivity went down to zero and all people could find to talk about was the closure and what they would do afterwords.

I think the same is true of predictions. I, like many others waited for calamity on October 7th (i think) over a year ago... and then there was a november date.. and yada yada... I realised I wanted to believe in fortune telling, that we could know something extra about our/my future. But I think I have since come to realilse that the world would be a very different place if we actually had the ability to say exactly what will happen on a given date.

Even cliff high at half past human with a very sophisticated computer program can only cite possibilities. And that seems to me is what we live with , possibilities and trends.

I like the idea of a movement from duality to oneness, I've read a lot about that from different sources (lifting the veil of duality - Andreas Morritz, what the bleep..etc). So for sure , things are going to happen, but as to when and how... who knows ?

Thanks for the interesting thread.

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