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Default Re: Predictions... To be or not to be?

Originally Posted by gita View Post
John Jay Harper who is a futurist and research scientist, said in an interview on Conscious Media Network, that Mount Rainier will cause a catastrophe by setting off an earthquake measuring 8 on Richter scale which in turn will set off a mammoth tsunamis near Washington. The interview can be watched on the link below.
OK, I got family over in the Portland Oregon area. So we are just going to have to change this prediction to significantly lighten that event.

The only failed prediction is one that comes true. Predictions are warnings - keep going this way and this is what you will get - change course by a couple of degrees and 10 miles down the road, you will end up in a different place. Our collective consciousness can affect earth change and other scenarios - which is why I think so many predictions do not come true.

Then - there is the topic of which timeline you are going to go down - that you can choose with your consciousness. Food for thought.
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