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Default Re: Invited by Aliens: Would You Join Them To Their Homeworld?

Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
(but doing the above to someones key hole and still standing afterwards = benevolent)
This is what I mean.

I don't actually believe THIS scenario to be true, but I'm going to put it forth to make a point. A metaphor if you will.

What if their race values human urine as a drink. What if human urine gives them super powers that will allow them to conquer the universe? So, they taste yours, find it acceptible, offer you a ride, take you to their home. Keep you in a cage, make you drink 10 gallons of water a day and milk your pee. Then, after some number of years the pee drinkers use their super powers to take control of the universe and enslave all the races that urinate?

Now, you played a role in the enslavement of entire races throughout the universe. All because you wanted a ride.

This is just a silly example. But the point is, we tend to think that as long as they don't hurt us, they're friendly.

What if we don't know what they really want? What if what they want is something diabolical but requires us to be alive and healthy - at least for now?
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