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Exclamation My new video & radio interview and station site up!


Suppressed Stories:
This website serves as a medium to bring out the truth directly from the people involved in various black-op matters, conspiracies, undercover topics, governmental coverups, secret orders & societies, the occult, paranormal, suppressed science. metaphysics, spirituality and so on. Here you will get the uncensored, unedited truth. We take no sides, and let our guests speak their opinions freely, so we may have a balanced program from several perspectives. If you have been involved in anything that relates to these topics, and been an insider whom now want to share your story, you may contact us to take part of an interview and be part of the List of Truthwarriors.


So, my first two interview objects are secret societies and Illuminati-insider Leo Zagami, and Politician Adrian Salbuchi.

Adrian Salbuchi, Politician on:
Coverups, Global Elite, Chemtrails, Swine Flu, Magic, Occultism, Secret Orders and other conspiracies

Adrian Salbuchi - researcher, author and speaker, host of the Buenos Aires talk-show El Traductor Radial and founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement (Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina) , Argentina Crisis

Leo Lyon Young Zagami - Illuminati Grandmaster:
Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Lyon Young Zagami on:
Secret societies and internal corruption, magic, occultism, politics, global elite, collaboration with Benjamin Fulford and more

Italian born aristrocrat, related by blood to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles third cousin, involved with the monarchy, secret societies, and the Elite since birth. Involved with large amount secret orders, societies, brotherhoods and other undergroup groups where the World Leaders meet.


Sorry for my rather amateur presentation and interview way, it is the first time ever I perform any interviews and hopefully my quality will improve!

I have other interesting persons scheduled for interviews as well, including Stephen Mehler, an Rosicrucian and Egyptologist, a Freemason, and a colleague of Mehler, Cristopher Dunn, another Egyptologist.

I was close to getting Duncan O Finioan as well, but for some reason he turned me down for some unexplainable event he referred to where I apparently had insulted him or something along those lines, which I myself am not aware of as I have the greatest respect for Duncan and he is one of my favorite people interviewed by Camelot, so I am clueless on that, but unfortunately it seems he do not want to take part because of that unknown (to me) incident.

Cheers, hope you find it somewhat interesting, you can either watch the videos by scrolling down on the Interview page below my own introduction video, or simply listen to the radio station feed on the right in the blue box.

Again, the website is:
-Edward Alexander
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