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Default Re: Are Chemtrails Increasing in the U.S.?

The skys yesterday on the western side of state by lake michigan was as blue as could be , that was until the afternoon. First 2 aircraft , one spraying chemtrails and the other looked like a contrail were flying side by side, probably 3-5 miles apart flying west to east . I thought that was weird, then here came the battalion of planes flying one after another very high spraying heavy trails in the same direction all staggered like on the camelot site latest post of whats new.

By the end of the day the sky was white as a ghost. I did see them 2 weeks ago flying under a full moon, a bunch of other people saw them as well. It seems like this stuff is in the air 24-7 now whether their spraying or not.

I will say the gardens wre very bad around here last year except for the plants inside the greenhouses, they were flourishing .

So my answer is yes .
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