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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

This is where I have a different opinion. Just because Jordan Maxwell believes something to be true doesn't make it true. He has done a lot of research up to a point. And what he believes is limited by the research he has done. And then there are numerous other layers that take one in another direction then the one Jordan is pointing too.

I've found this to be true for a number of whistle blowers. They only have one piece to the puzzle, one viewpoint or perspective based on the current information they've accumulated.. yet again that perspective is limited in scope, range and comprehension when examining the bigger picture.

There is a battle for souls. Folks make choices. There are consequences for each choice made.. a butterfly effect is put into motion where someone they may not know is negatively affected by a thoughtless, self-centered choice. There are multiple influences (good and bad) affecting ones individual choice. The goal is to grow beyond duality, beyond positive and negative polarity and to integrate all aspects of self including ego, the shadow, the spiritual and to transcend limited consciousness into cosmic consciousness.

In some sense one may consider Jordan Maxwell a scholar and he may well be one. Yet, from another perspective is he living a life where spirit is directing him? Indeed his personal situation is sad. And I wonder what tasks he has set out for himself at a spiritual level before this incarnation and this life being lived. However, what I see is a man who has imprisoned himself within the walls of his own mental constructs. Why?

From a purely personal perspective I've been in some pretty grim situations both personally and professionally. The goal was not to get lost but instead to find a way through it and out to the other side. Irrespective of the many, many challenges each may face it is with our heart, our mind and our spirit that we learn to fly. The key? Don't give up and believe ~ accept there are multiple alternatives to ones life and it takes personal responsibility to ensure that one moves forward and not get stuck.

My sense with Jordan from listening and watching him is that underneath it all is that perhaps he has a defeatist attitude. Meaning he feels defeated before he has even gotten out of the gate. And it is that particular quality which leaves a lingering impression of great sadness that he is stuck within the walls of his own mental constructs. Yes, maybe what he shares is true.. maybe it is false and he just is on the wrong track. I'm not here to verify it one way or another. I'm just adding that he lost me a long time ago because of this quality that appears to be dragging him down.

Here is an example of another type of man. He works with patients who are dying. His whole focus is on making that person's life the best it can be given the situation. These are real life issues with real life families. He is not dragged down where he feels powerless to do anything. Instead, he brings comfort to others and is greatly loved by the families he works with. His attitude is uplifting and brightens people who are really sick day. He gives them confidence and empowers them to take charge of what they can and is encouraging. This person only once realized there was something that he couldn't do and that had nothing to do with him personally, it just had to do with running out of time. I raise this story to illustrate how an attitude can make or break a man. One man can see the worst that life has to dish up and yet have a very happy life while another man just reads about the worse life has to offer and gets emotionally stuck and be depressed. It's a choice. We all get to choose who we are going to be every day, every moment.
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