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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

Michal, i know what y'all mean by 'Oneness' -- the idea seems to be a radically new & different one for some of you -- i got part of this concept 40 yrs ago when i recognized my 'Oneness' w/the Earth & the animals & stopped poisoning the one by my buying habits [no toxic chemicals in my home -- no microwaves -- no cellphone, more recently-- etc, etc], & w/the other by not eating them

i recognize my 'Oneness' w/other humans & have done what i could in my life to at least speak out against war [like my country's war on the Iraqui & many other people], against torture -- i could go on & on -- lately my 'Oneness' efforts have been directed to getting humans to recognize that the controllers of this planet have their own idea of the 'Oneness' & it's not kind to humans

how do you manifest your 'Oneness'?

sometimes it seems that the Oneness y'all write about is a return to a comforting womb, where you are free of the painful resposibilities of individualized consciousness

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
Very, very true. And you are correct in part about the returning to the womb. We all long for that, inside, and for a good reason: We are, as we are now, experiencing separation from the Oneness, unable to make a good decision safe by the works of chance; we simply can not know all the circulmstances, therefore we always do guesswork. From this point of view, wanting to get rid of the painful responsibilities of an individualized consciousness is a good thing, indeed, a natural tendency; because we were not meant to be completely individualized, because there has never been anything else than the Oneness and we just chose to willfully ignore it.

Now let me say this, according to my experience, if you return to the "pleroma," "relationship with God," or "oneness," you will lose some small portion of your individuality (the one that hurts the most because it is in denial), but will gain others you never knew were there, and you will gain a sense of purpose and, ideally, you will actually find yourself to be able to make good decisions, because you will be connected to All There Is and will KNOW what is according to the Divine Plan. That is a great reward, if you think about it, and it is well worth the sacrifice of your so called "personality," because it will reveal your true self you never knew was there and you will stop living in denial and illusion. It is also what most religions hint at with their teachings, and especially Christianity if you look at it correctly.

By the way if you say that "if you follow your heart you can't make a bad decision" or something to counter my first argument (that you are unable to make a good decision in the present state), it is obvious that you are able to do this because your heart-compass is still connected to the Oneness; what I propose is reconnecting the rest of your being and experiencing a life renewed in accordance with the rest of Creation and the Creator.
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