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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

Michal, i know what y'all mean by 'Oneness' -- the idea seems to be a radically new & different one for some of you -- i got part of this concept 40 yrs ago when i recognized my 'Oneness' w/the Earth & the animals & stopped poisoning the one by my buying habits [no toxic chemicals in my home -- no microwaves -- no cellphone, more recently-- etc, etc], & w/the other by not eating them

i recognize my 'Oneness' w/other humans & have done what i could in my life to at least speak out against war [like my country's war on the Iraqui & many other people], against torture -- i could go on & on -- lately my 'Oneness' efforts have been directed to getting humans to recognize that the controllers of this planet have their own idea of the 'Oneness' & it's not kind to humans

how do you manifest your 'Oneness'?

sometimes it seems that the Oneness y'all write about is a return to a comforting womb, where you are free of the painful resposibilities of individualized consciousness

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
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