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Default Re: Avalon Alternatives

Originally Posted by dj kelly View Post
In the mainstream world we are all considered conspiratorial nutcases,
and you know what, at the moment were acting like it, we have to stop seeing a conspiracy in everything, espesially in our own space on here,

1st , lets just wait and see what happens in avalon 2,

2nd, how about giving Bill some credit for this forum/space we all share and be positive its still in good hands,

3rd, if it isnt and hes been compromised in some way then so what!, have we all not learned enough to know, we are no longer sheeple who follow blindly,

4th, and most important , together we are strong , seperated we are not,

i know these are just words on a page, but you all know we dont have much time left, so lets not fall at the last hurdles they put in our way,

be stron and be free!!!! love & light DJ
I second that!
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