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Originally Posted by seeingterra View Post
I just want to let you know that Project Light Warrior has been created to be a "spiritual playground" of sorts, and we would love to welcome you into our community. We have taken some actions due to the administrations decisions on this forum regarding spiritual matters and etc. to make a safe place for those who seek like-minded spiritual people as well as all other knowledge seekers.

We now got around 1000 members on the site and still growing every hour..

Kerry and myself wish you all well and welcome in the forums and the community "playground"

FYI; Feel free to use the suggestions forum within the PLW forums!

Project Light Warrior

All the best,


Dear Tommy,

I have just registered to the Project Light Warrior site. And I do note that there is a forum there for general discussions - anything and everything, it says. And anyone can post and start new threads.

I must say then, the forum on the Light Warrior site may well represent a good fresh start for some here who may not be admitted into the Project Avalon 2, or perhaps choose not to participate.

If I may say as well Tommy, the Project Light Warrior site is indeed very elegant and impressively structured. If many people here currently on this Avalon forum went into the Project Light Warrior forum, I think it would really take off.

It will be interesting to see how things play out over the immediate future.

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