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Default Re: Avalon Alternatives

Originally Posted by annemirri View Post
I agree with you,
I liked Avalon,

as I like difficult and interesting people, real characters...

We do not need to agree ( as it is like talking to yourself )

it is wonderful to have different viewpoints,
meet different people, from different countries,
in different stages in life,
and even souls from different origins...

All that makes life even more interesting,
you can share and receive,

smile , cry love and hate ,

share little secrets in private messages

but you are still together...

here I have learned to stand for myself...
and in this process I have learned about myself,

what I really are, and what I really think.

when people go to other forums, even the same people feel so different,
they choose their words and expression differently,

the illusion is gone...

I am not looking for other forum.

I need something more concrete,
to touch someone, feel that they are real, flesh and blood.

I hope that I will find what I am searching for.

Well said Annemirri I am in complete resonance. We all met here for a reason and I hope we all find what we are searching for.
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