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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Agreed. Things are changing so fast nowadays. I can viscerally feel it--literally feel time dialating or contracting every day.

I am a working professional with much responsibility, and this stuff sounds so "out there" but I speak with my father who lives out in the Arizona desert weekly, and he is half-choctaw Indian and very intuitive. He knew when 9-11 was going to happen and "felt" it for a year or more before-hand.

Anyway, he feels the time "contraction" (I dont know what else to call it) as well and we talk about it. very strange, but I know that for ME PERSONALLY its something wonderful thats occuring. Just wonderful.

I don't think when this thing finally goes down, that it will be that way for everyone. It might be quite distressing for many people.

We have reached the end of this "stage" and the final acts are being played out. The music is quickly reaching a crescendo, the drama is building, and our bodies and minds are shivering with anticipation.

This is what I came to Earth for. I'll help. I'll do what I can.
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