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Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
Present day Oxy is a little closer to home i feel.
Look to the land of King arthur and our founding forum!
Me i'm a simple girl with a brain to match lol!
Jacqui D...your brain is anything but simple. But mine I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying not to look into universal history and ancient Earth history? Are you suggesting focusing on the Camelot interviews. Present day is good...and the interviews are great. Simple is better yet. I like the idea of complex simple...or comprehensive concentration. I know that sounds contradictory...but I'd like to live very simply and inexpensively...yet be well read on a wide variety of subjects...but with a child-like and Christ-like attitude. I'm thinking I need to say a lot less and read a lot more...and spend a lot less time on the internet. I need to fix my house. I need to fix my teeth. I need to tend to business. I don't think a lot of this stuff is particularly helpful. If profound ideas are brought forth...they will be misinterpreted and what's the point...really? The rat-race will continue...and the rats will continue to win. World Without End. Amen Ra. And I'm not invoking Amen Ra! I don't invoke nobody! But I do provoke just about everybody!

'Thuban Thoughts' is a case in point. It is still unavailable. What is going on here? It wasn't a slug-fest like that other thread. There weren't any sexually suggestive or abusive posts. Did someone post something at the tail end of that thread that took it down? Once again...I'm not angry...but I am very worried and curious. If my threads and postings are an administrative problem...I don't have to do this. I don't get paid to do this...and it's not doing me any good. A lot of this stuff is potentially problematic regarding the general public...if even half of it is true. a sense...will the truth really set us free...or will we just go in the streets...and get put in camps? I'm really easy. I'll go along with just about anything that is remotely reasonable. I'm not a hard-liner. Not too hard anyway. WTF...this is stupid.

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom

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