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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by feardia View Post
Follow your heart, I'll not be getting on any ships, and I will be persuading everyone I can to do the same.
I do not think that they are here for an evacuation. If that is what the whole getting on the ships debate is all about. That is not anything I have gotten doing the intuitive work. However, it just does not have the feel of fitting into the picture. I would not go off world permanently either. I plan on riding what ever is going to happen in 2012 right here. On the other hand, I would not mind a tour of one of the more advanced mother ships.

Originally Posted by Hiram View Post
Tone 3, I just want to let you know that I appreciate your efforts, and you keep my mind simply *sparkling* with the possibilities.
Thank you to everyone who has commented positively.

To think there are that many species here and working possibly for our benefit is enough to raise my vibration in and of itself.
The ancient ones that seeded life here, towed the moon into orbit and etc., never left.
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