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Default Mr. X arrested in North Tower on 9-11

Interesting interview on Rumor Mill News right now:

A 9-11 first responder, police officer Anthea Appel, recounts the bizarre arrest of a forty-something year old well dressed, dark haired man in the North Tower. He was observed by police officers hanging out in the emergency stair well. As soon as the firefighters went by, he went back into the building on the 21st floor. When the police confronted him, he was carrying a valise. Challenged, he opened the valise and produced a stuffed toy rabbit. When asked who he was, and what he was doing there, he replied "I'll show you who I am...", and proceeded to pull out his cell phone as if to make a call. At that point, the police nabbed him...

The story continues on The Micro Effect

Disclaimer: Obviously, this is not about "our" Mr. X (rest in peace, brother)...I used 'Mr. X' in the post title in the sense of its accepted common usage as meaning an unknown, mysterious, enigmatic personage.

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