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Default Re: Urgent Help Protect Our Children

Where we live one can rent a modest but comfortable 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home for $300 per month. The average utility bill is about $40 per month.

With an expense structure like that couldn't just about anyone get off the hamster wheel of $uccess and focus on family if it was important to them?

Although my families means aren't so modest that we need to be on the public dole, there are many families in my community who live austere but comfortable lives with welfare and food stamps.

Cities are the most expensive places to live. Do the poor really need broadway shows, fancy restaurants and chic nightclubs? Why not leave the crime and ghetto life behind and go somewhere more comfortable?

Sadly, it's my experience that the poor chase material signs of success (shoes, clothes, jewelry etc) even harder than their middle class counterparts.

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