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Default Re: Urgent Help Protect Our Children

Originally Posted by Dantheman62 View Post
wake up, not everybody can watch their kids like you guys seem to think.(can you say silver spoon)

You don't know me. Everyone who does would laugh hysterically at the idea that someone - anyone - believes that I had or have a silver spoon.

My family is of very modest means. We make choices some would consider crazy but suit our values. We could chase the almighty dollar (my wife has an education that could get her a Big Time job on Wall St) but we don't.

Money isn't important to us. We have everything we need and don't want more. Family is important to us. Our children's upbringing, education and values are of prime importance. Those are the things we focus on. They are the choices we made.

It is hard for most people to unplug themselves from the pursuit of wealth. American society tells us all that success is measured in dollars. My viewpoints on this thread that you objected to were meant to point out that everyone in the USA has the same choices we do.

If they choose to live a lifestyle that prevents them from taking responsibility for their children that is their perogative. However, I object to exposing myself and family to more intrusions and snooping because of their choices.

You think I am blind or that I do not see. I believe I see very clearly. Unfortunately so many people don't see the choices that they do have in life and elect to relegate themselves to victim status - then beg for the government to help.
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