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Default Re: Urgent Help Protect Our Children

"When is the last time the federal government did one single thing in the interests of the people?

We need less government, more personal responsibility and an active role in the meating out of justice."

AMEN! The government are the ones taking most of the children for abuse anyway. Sure, there are tons of creeps around the block, but not as insidious as the CIA selling 3-4 year olds into sex slavery in order to make money to fight their other "wars". I am not into anarchism or vigilantism, but if the whole village got together to protect our children... there would be second thoughts in taking them in the first place.

I can't list here the numerous examples of sheeple-ness I have witnesses over the years. We have been so brainwashed into believing there is nothing we can do, and in fearing any attempts anyway. The American people are like a huge elephant shackled with a small rotting rope. If only they could see it was just a rope and not a huge chain!
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