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Default Re: message from rhythm 2010 walk the walk

Well, as for tending gardens...

last year I grew 2 pumpkins... 5 swedes and 5 GIANT parsnips.... lettuce, sweetcorn, strawberries, potatoes, carrots, celery and brussel sprouts !

It was a bl**dy lot of work I can tell you.. out there nearly every day for months picking up snails and slugs who wanted the stuff more than I did...

It does teach you though that nothing, not even a carrot is not won without effort.

Tomorrow I hope to continue working on my 'compost bin' project which I'm making out of an old bed! Somehow, I hope to stir the enthusiasm to get out there for another years gardening.

It's true though Rhythm, when you eat the rewards... there's nothing like the feeling...of achievement of, peace and fulfilment... oh and guilt at ripping those lil' suckers out of the ground !

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