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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
I have spoken of REAL Black Holes Celine not imaginary nonphysical ones.
You are free to follow your path into the light; just as I am free to follow my path into the darkness - the REAL darkness not the imagined nonphysical one.
With nonphysical I do not infer spiritual, as the 'Spirit' is physically definable and so must the 'spiritual darkness' be physical definable.

Your innuendo about your experience with cetaceans appears a little condescending, despite your loving nature.

I never questioned whether you were speaking of "real"or "fake"" that was not my point

Thank you for reminding me of my "freedoms" but i am well aware of them

Condescending? How so? because i said "have you?"

Forgive me if you took this the wrong way, but my intent was purely to tell you that your "parable"" ...has a reality bite to it...

i know a lot more, then you obviously ,are aware that i know...

it is not important for me to get you to understand, or figure out who, what i am...

its important for the light.. to heal the dark..that is all.

Cosmology is not something i know i dumb because of that?

Do my beliefs not fit in because i do not devote every waking hour to the study of this??

i am not a child.

My loving nature is what motivates me in everything i do.
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