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Default Re: Al Gore won't debate Lord Christopher Monckton

Originally Posted by Reader View Post
Kojak with 7 posts I see you are a newbie here. If you don't like my posts, then STFU and ignore them. I don't give a **** what you post, why do you care about mine? Trying to pick a fight are we? You obviously have to much time to waste and have an ego similar to FAT Al Gore's.

Yeah, you're right, you have more posts than me, I'll learn to respect your "one liners". I must admit I thought you were referring to Lord Monckton, Sorry!!!! Oh *****!!! Whatever!! Don't worry, shoot me down in flames. I just realised Fat Al, Is GORE!!! i screwed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must laugh!

Maybe a wry smile?? then?!?!?!

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