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Default Re: Al Gore won't debate Lord Christopher Monckton

Al Gore is a fraud- end of story really. It's quite simple to see. He can't support his arguements with facts that stand up, and he can't debate anything, it's all rhetoric, nothing else, so simple to see. It's all about more control and taxes, nothing else, I can't understand how sheeple can't get it. It seems odd though that there are people who are posting here supporting him. I thought people would be a bit more clued up and awake here. Gore runs from any scrutiny. If"climategate" didn't spell it out clearer, what will??

Clean energies and electric cars don't make it through, but they keep digging up coal. It's a scam!!! Mind you the chinese are going full tilt on electric cars, but the US crushed their few, and everyone had no problems with them. Ask Gore about that one Diji?? I can't believe your posts, to be honest. No facts at all. Also see Glen Beck's Goldman Sachs Utube, it explains how they make about a billion $$$, for an outlay of 10million. DERRRR!!!!
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