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Default Re: Al Gore won't debate Lord Christopher Monckton

Al Gore recently stated on the Conan O'Brien's show that inner earth's temperature (not even the core, just inner earth quite close to the surface) is millions of degrees hot and he spoke about using it to produce electricity through steam turbines.

That just shows you that even after 10+ years of involvement with climate things he is a real Bozo when it comes to the science behind it. Even the worst sales people understand that when you are selling something you must have your basic technical facts straight about the product.

So maybe the reason why Al Gore won't debate anyone is that such a debate would soon turn into a such a fiasco that would make Sarah Palin giving an interview look like Albert Einstein.

Hey Al Gore.. how exactly do we turn that geotermal energy into electricity?
"Well .. Steam turbines of course. "

But if the temperature we are using is several million degrees.. wouldn't that melt our turbines which have a melting point of only several thousand degrees?
"Ummh .. you got me there. I am full of s***"
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