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Default Re: message from rhythm 2010 walk the walk

Originally Posted by mudra View Post

Let's find the strengh to live by our Heart everyday
for Love only is capable of uniting all beings .
We are all here in this challenging plane to integrate duality.
Every moment we do this we are radiating inner peace.
Love is our highest power as Love is our true essence.
Within the Love flow we are One always.
My dear friends I wish you all a Loving Year 2010
My Love for You Always
Nothing like, a lot of rhythm & little rhyme
2010 ~ brings 3/3/3 (3)
Moving into The CrossRoads of Lower / and, Higher Heart
Moving thru The CrossRoads of Lower / and, Higher Mind
into the core of iT all ~ and eXpressing the eXpansive aspects
of all that we are ~ and, eXchanging that with others
over bridges, thru triads, and, trines, into the real 3 trinities


iTs TYME to rock and, roll The Mother Earth !!!

MAY the coming year, be all, that you put into iT
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