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Default message from rhythm 2010 walk the walk

hey peeps i waz about to send out new year messages
to all on my friend list ..... but had an a ha! moment ...
cos i want to send you all.......... new year greetings
those of you i never communicate.. with .. some of you
once in awhile ..and others regurly.....
im not making a resolution but i will continue to make efforts
to walk the walk .. to realy understand and give un conditional love
as best i can ... Avalon has been a roaler coaster ride and at times i cant even stand to come here ... and others i feel you all as my family of light ....
so as we move into 2010 let us try to do unto others.. as we would have them do unto us that so simple to say . ( walk the walk. i still got a bit to do
my loverlys . ) if you would like to use this thread to send your new year greeting PLEASE feel FREE ... I DO LOVE YOU ALL realy .. i will do my
best to..i live to love i love to live .... peace n love rhythmm girl
lets get this show on the road ..
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