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Default Re: Copenhagen Meeting

Hello everybody,

I have to say that most of this climate stuff is really confusing to me... Though I'm not an expert, I try the follow both sides of the discussion. That was hard, because before I 'believed' (although never fanatically :-) all the Gores and Phil Jones-like advocators of climate religion.

It opened my eyes that their could be some kind of global agenda behind all this to a point where I didn't want to hear their propaganda anymore and go along with the Moncktons et al.

Somewhere inside their was a voice in me asking not to focus on this perspective too much either, but I basically ignored it and went along.

Because of an overload of climate(gate), Project Camelot and Infowars information I really got to a point of inertia (what should I do? what should we do?). I basically a bit.

This lasted some time until I decided to do something! So a few weeks back I went to an introductionary weekend about 'transition'. For those who don't know what transition is, it's a grassroots organisation that provides people tools to organise themselves to change things on a local level. People come together to start a permaculture in one of the members' backyards or they think of ways start a local currency for non-commercial activities (like the LETS system), etc... I'm loving all this stuff!
Here's some info by founder Rob Hopkins:

Nice, however there was one problem for me: to motivate people in organising themselves they get us introduced to the problems of piek oil and... here it comes... freaking climate change.

When I was attending that first meeting I felt an inner resistance, inasmuch that it was hard for me to go along with them. I articulated to them that I agreed that there was pollution, that we humans are responsable for our planet and that I loved the practical stance of transition, but that I also wanted to verify all the facts because I felt the danger of the subject being misused to further a global NWO agenda (didn't say it with so many words though), I stumbled up their resistance as well... I then asked myself if this movement was something for me...

Yesterday I decided to go to a permaculture workshop organised by volunteers of the transition movement and it was a lot of fun. I knew though that it was very difficult to speak about my alternative point of view on the causes of climate change without my stomach telling me 'don't go there' Point is that I feel that I'm getting back into a dualistic 'battle' when I raise these arguments. I realized that working/doing things together is the only thing that counts!

Viking, I checked the Igan video and saw the Monckton interview twice now and I sense that he's speaking a truth. But then I surfed the web and read an article claiming that Monckton is deliberately manupilating the whole thing:

The article uses some graphs and arguments and though I'm an expert of being human (which is all that counts, I guess), I can't tell if what they say is right or wrong... So I ask myself 'who's the manipulator'?

However, there's one thing I can make out of the responses following the article: they have been written by real PEOPLE, in this case mostly scientists.

On this thread and website advocators of (cosmic) truth, again PEOPLE and that reminds me of the transition weekend and permaculture workshop and of the headprisoned travellers in a bus or train, we're all PEOPLE... manipulated, brainwashed, perhaps, but that's not the/our essence!

So my conclusion is that I don't want to be in this polarity too much (it's important to know, but not to drown in it), because as a person belonging to the PEOPLE or humanoid race (or whatever...) I then tend to forget that these polarities remove me from my and our collective unified essence.

Peace, love and sh#tloads of light,
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