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Originally Posted by viking View Post
Well well...looks like another failed attempt to control us...just heard on TV...

Damp squib!! No legally binding treaty!!

Greeting Viking ,

Not legally binding treaty is what the mass media tells us it might be so or not . We also got to remember that members of the UN have signed secret treaties of which we the public know nothing . For example governments know about UFO , Aliens and other informations and do actively participate to suppression of new inventions and devices such as zero point energy .
According to Lord Monckton it is possible that what happened in Copenhagen was a scripted scenario and all the players including the opponent are playing a role assigned to them . According to that view , in reality the politicians are united to make possible a world government .
This is a very depressing scenario if true , I would like some other insiders to tell us that there is no secret protocol signed in Copenhagen .
In my view if CO2 was really a problem , which is not , the simple solution would be to allocate a number such a 5 tons of CO2 per person to all citizens of the world . So that the US would have to reduce the CO2 emission from
the current value of 20 tons per person per capita to 5 . This way emerging countries could modernize their society and prosper and new technologies would have to be released to accelerate the goal of a clean environment .
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