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Have you run into somebody lately who was in pain? someone who's world was somehow rocked by a major event in their life?

And did you show them compassion? or did you side step the subject, so as not to inflict any more pain?

I know I have...I did not want to bring anything up in those instances as it is awkward, and again might cause further pain.

Today I was helping a lady whose husband had just died...I was helping her sort an affair, that would ease things for her. I was in no way obligated to discuss the subject of her husbands death. Just the matters at hand.

I told her that I was sorry for her loss...and asked if there was anything else I could do to help. she said, no she was fine with what I had done so far. but then she started talking about her loss, and you could see in her face that she wanted to talk about it, because everybody else around her was side stepping the subject. It was a look of relief, that she had someone to talk to about it with. And she talked for about 20 minutes, about the actual event of losing her husband. He had had cancer, and it was painfully slow for her to watch, let alone go through. she did not cry..she just needed to talk. She was craving compassion..and was not getting it from the ones around her, as they were afraid to broach the subject.

This is just one way we, myself included..can reach out and show really does heal

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