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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
We are all on a journey here to Be More.

There are many who say the ego is necessary 'in this life' because it is 'your experience'.

I agree, it is currently our experience to be unconscious to the divine consciousneess that is within us. It is currently our experience to live fairly uneventful lives, then die and be recycled. It is currently our experience to be drawn here and there by our emotions, not always be healthy, get caught up in thoughts in our head.

It is currently our experience to suffer.

However, this is not reality.

It is our choice to continue to experience suffering and unconsciousness in this life.

But, this is a choice.

Those who choose to hold on to the ego, will continue to experience the fruits of the ego. Those who realize they are More, will be an open door for solutions that will raise up this planet and it's peoples.

You can choose to live in the story, and be of the story (be the ego), or you can choose to transcend the story, transcend the ego and be in the Now and be in the game, but not of the game.

This is our choice.
The EGO is necessary in this 3D...but the goal is not to let it rule are you...with or without it.

This is as real as it get
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