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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by lindabaker View Post
I was using the opening of a Lotus as an image to portray the unfolding of consciousness of many more people lately. If you see time/space and space/time as moving in all directions at once, the opening of the Lotus is a metaphor for expansion of beauty. For beauty, after all, is that place of balance which has been discussed on some of the posts in this thread. I see acts of generosity and kindness more often now. I hear vocabulary changing...the formerly judgmental people who are suddenly very, very interested in the material that most of us in Avalon have been pondering for quite awhile now. I say, better late than never. Just being around those committed to unconditional love can open the heart...let us all set an example in our outer as well as our inner dialog. If all the world is a stage, and we are merely players in it, let us remember, as players, that our character descriptions run deep. Whatever inner dialog our character creates, that inner dialog motivates and sets the intention of that character (player). Let our open hearts propel our thoughts and our words in an unfolding of the Lotus of the Light (Love and Beauty): that starting position, or point of reference, in the space/time locale is always of our own creation. Whew, sorry, guess I went on a little long here. LB
That was Beautiful LB! I am reading the energy and not just the words. You nailed it!
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