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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

14 Chakras, I believe everything you're saying about being "in the game, but not [part] of the game," is so spot on.

As you also mention, it's not possible for us to do that unless we all learn how to really "know thyself".
The only reason why any of us ever sometimes continue to believe we're limited is, we haven't learnt to accept and like and forgive certain things within ourselves. And knowing oneself is all about knowing what's within.

The only reason there are times when we don't connect with the awesome strength and ingenuity of being eternal and infinite spirits is that at those times our "buttons" get pushed. It's so important to accept your buttons, to be OK about their being there. When you really do, that's what heals those buttons -- and so they get weaker and vanish.
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