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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Yes, I’ve also been experiencing a real intensification in the amount and quality of (“benevolent”) energy and help coming from somewhere. It seemed to increase some time in the first half of last year, and then again this year, and again in the last two months or so. I usually meditate for 15 minutes a day. Lately, it takes about a second to get into bliss and extreme peace – which, as at least some of you know, really are far more pleasurable than the love or joy you can experience in any other type of human experience. The interesting thing is, until a few months ago, I usually didn’t get into that state until several minutes into meditation. And that's only one example I could give. The energy around us is certainly running at a higher and finer level. The big question is, what specifically does that mean?

I have some difficulties with the notion of “ascension”. Some time ago I eventually did come to the conclusion that why we’re all ultimately here is that in some sense we volunteered, a long time ago. We volunteered to help raise the “level,” the “vibration rate,” of matter itself. So I can go along with the idea of ascension in the sense that the matter on this planet is being raised onto a higher level. However, I suspect it’ll still remain matter.

To say that Earth is currently in 3D and wants to rise to 5D doesn’t make sense to me, I’m afraid. I happen to know that the Earth is a conscious divine being. And I guess some from a Christian background may feel offended if I say the Earth’s consciousness seems to be at a much higher level than that of Jesus or the other Gods, etc. But that’s the truth, as I understand it. The Earth’s consciousness is already at so much higher a level than “5D” – whatever “5D” exactly is.
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