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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

You want to see it as a game? In away I understand that as that maybe a term that can enable someone to learn something much faster. For instance where I use to struggle with math until the day I made it into a game. Then it just opened up on me because in a game you are suppose to have fun. I made math fun, I can go with that. But when your life is on the line, what do you call it then? When there is a Draconian in your bedroom, there to take you as a food source, would you still consider it a game? Or would try to change the circumstance by figuring out what the polarity factors are? For one thing, I was to young to understand anything about polarity or what a game actually was. At three years old, like I said somewhere else, you are barely aware of what a toilet is. In that bedroom, all I experienced was terror. It wasn't a dream. It isn't a game when your Dad comes home from work and good ole Mom pulls him over to the side and says, "Honey, there was something in Jr's closet last night , like he tried to tell us, and all the stuff in the closet was torn to shreds like someone used a razor.Then your Dad spends the next 4 hours investigating what or how anything could get into or out of the place. Then to end up empty handed with no answers. What kind of game would anyone call that? In a game you're supposed to have fun. It's an artificial form of entertainment. So don't take this the wrong way MP2 as what may work for you is just different as to what works for me. That's really the only difference here as to what we are discussing. The words can sometime confuse what we are really trying to say. I can accept that if this is the case.

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