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Default Re: Cracking the Code

Originally Posted by Christo888 View Post
Gregor, love all the work your doing... the relentless passion, its so inside you.

Your'e a fan of Thoth! Circles and angles... but, circles not angles. John Lennon must have come unglued when he realized where there lyrics came from. And Thoth was 'Hermes' the trickster as well, to protect against the ego mind extremes like Adolf, whom knew quite a bit but was not allowing subtlety to operate of its own accord.

Awesome drawing you put together!
Thank you Christo! The passion is gonna be the death of me. I have to say I've done like 50 hours of mathematics this week, writing equations and looking for patterns and its gonna be the death of me. I got so much school work and stuff in the real world to do haha. I'm so sleep deprived that I am gonna meditate right now and call it a night. My body has finally caught up with my mind. Always been a Grade A insomniac, but meditation really helps relax my mind and get to sleep. However, there has been WAY to much stuff happening lately. I was talking to my friend and tell her all the things that just happened to me. And she's like "dear god all that's happened since I talked to you over two days ago." And I'm like, "No that's what happened to me today alone." Today was a little bit more chillax thank god. Time is certainly accelerating. In terms of psychic experiences, synchroncities, revelations, research breakthroughs, meeting people, and things going just right for me. It's so unbelievably overwhelming. What would be great is to law down and have a back massage. Mmmmm... Too bad all my massage therapists buddies are in Boston (aka it's the only way they can spin fire all the time).

Oh, and I redid a bunch of my work, redid some equations, inputs blah blah blah. Anyways, scrap C and G haha. It's actually C (256hz) and F (341.3 hertz) that propagate at 90 degrees to each other. Every other note has of coarse something that propagates to it, but they are an arbitrary frequency (No common note). What's interesting is the angle that propagates perpindicular to F#, the egyptian chant note, is 555.18Hz which is in between a C# and a D. Once I am confident in these frequencies (As now it's more mathematically sound, also being I understand acoustic theory much much more now) I plan on making some didgeridoos to precise frequencies, probably C and F, to work with quartz crystal. I'll release the stuff tomorrow. I need to sleep. Namaste.
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