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Default Re: Cracking the Code

Originally Posted by jaby View Post
I watched this video at the weekend and it is brilliant. I kinda got lost in parts
but being into numbers and geometrical patterns I just tried to soak it in anyway.

At the moment I'm drawing out, photocopying and colouring, the big number grid that he used in the video...getting familiar with the number patterns.

Back in the 70s there was a Horizon programme on British TV and it was looking into the future...clips of what it might be like in 2000.
The years 2000 seemed a long way away Like a mystical time when technology would be very advanced. Which to a degree it is.

But the bit that really grabbed me, and has stayed with me was when they did a short imaginary film when there was a device of some kind that could speed up dramatically, or create? food. There was a man who had a cauliflower in his hand.. and he was saying that in the year 2000 that food was produced like this, in the home. In this device, the details of which wasn't gone into. I forget a lot of the programme now...but that bit made a huge impression.

Soooooo when I watched the Marko Rodin video I sat up and took great notice when in the first minute of the vid he showed that board...with the heading...'The Grand Unified Field Theory'...and the third point down was...PRODUCE UNLIMITED FOOD.


How I would love to be able to somehow to invent a shape that would use sound in some way? to energise it...and either produce food out of nowhere...maybe bring it through from another dimension? Or speed the growth up really dramatically. Like producing all the vegetables etc? that you might need on a daily the home. Without being beholding to any farmer/food producer/energy company.

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here...but I'm talking about inventing something that would erradicate world hunger/starvation. If the what-ever-it-was was easy to make and 'energise'.

I don't know if I would be able to get this together...but I would love to. I'm just chucking this out, because who knows...perhaps I/we/you could make something like this.

I wonder if Marko Rodin god, that man is so fantastic.
It just blew my mind at the end of the video when he said he was doing that name of god thing...( B + H ?) made into a guttural hum....and thats when he got all the stuff he discovered about the numbers and what they could do etc...



Hope you don't mind me going a bit off topic...I'm just buzzing with it all at the moment.
Woah, now you're getting way ahead of yourself, but yes, for the most part you are absolutely right as it is indeed possible. Here is how one would go about it, but we (the common people) are still in the theoretical department on torsion (government sure ain't though). It would involve speeding up time with a large torsion field, essentially kicking up the spin of the atoms which would speed up time for say the vegetable (E=MC^2 comes in here again). However, the vegetable still needs light, air, water, and minerals/soil to grow. Does that mean it creates like vacuum of air and absorb massive sunlight, and super deplete the soil? Not necessarily, as torsion itself provides sustenance. That is how a yogi or Buddhist monk can fast for months on end with little or no food as the meditation induces torsion fields which provide sustenance. So with that notion, if you meditate, use reiki, expose yourself to orgonite, crystals, and sacred geometry, then indeed you need to eat far less than your average person. So yes, someday! I hope we'll be able to grow trees into our own uniquely designed hobbit homes and tree houses
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