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Phi is not only a ratio or a byproduct of the fibonacci sequence, but is interwoven into all forms of mathematics. It is integrated with prime numbers on a large scale, as even prime quadtuplets display ratios of phi within them. Prime numbers are of extreme importance as they are unique numbers that have only two factors (or divisors). Toss aside that BS term of one and itself. It is erroneous in understanding mathematics. The multiplication table is one of the most important things you can ever learn. It reveals the intricate patterns within numbers. The patterns reflect onto our own patterns in society and reality. It is not the sole number that is important, but its relation to another.

Here's a little intro to factors:

One factor - Guess what, it's one and one alone!
Two factors - All prime numbers
Three factors - The perfect squares of 4 and 9
Odd factors 5+ - All perfect square numbers (16 and 144)
Even factors 4+ - All other integers

These are the most important notions you can ever learn but they never reveal that to you in school. Phi is the rhythm is which these factors flow together and propogate the system of logic and mathematics. It is a truth one must hold to heart, and sadly, our education system does not focus on such things, and instead stress advanced mathematics as calculus to further one's understanding of numbers versus looking at the underlying existence and propagation of them.

You are not an idiot because you cannot due mathematics. You can seriously blame our education system on that. Why does India have the largest proportion of programmers, mathematicans, and physicists over anywhere in the world?

Well, the Vedas is a fundamental center piece of their society, one of the oldest texts on the planet. The Vedas is a mathematical masterpiece. Chants in the Vedas involve short and long syllables. You break that down into binary code, and they're reciting the fibonacci sequence. They're vocalizing the greatest pattern of nature. And the Indians understand the significance of this, and so they stress mathematics in their education system.

As you said, Scooby, you watched it three times through (I've only watched the first half but have read all his papers), and I am very glad for that, because it is of dire importance that people understand this. I cannot even stress it. Mathematics is the divine structure of the universe, and when one is able to contemplate that, true beauty will manifest before your eyes for an eternity.
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