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Default Re: Cracking the Code

Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
I recieved an Email from Marko a couple months ago that stated someone had used his theory to crack Solomons seal. It was pretty cool. Good work Grego! I think after contemplating hard that everything cn be explained by his work. Wish I had the patence and due deligence to do what you have done.
A couple days ago I was showing my work to my cousin who is a geologist, but now works in business. Anyways, she was very intrigued and actually understood being she came from a very mathematically dynamic family. When I mentioned Marko Rodin to her, and showed her the mathematical fingerprint of god to elaborate on my theory, she put out that I needed to go to Hawaii to meet this man. She insisted, "I don't know how you're going to get there, but you need to go there."

And well, with your comment, I just sent Marko Rodin an e-mail with my recent findings. Maybe we can collaborate and bring beauty to this world
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