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Default Re: Cracking the Code

Originally Posted by GregorArturo View Post
Yeah, I'm actively involved on the code144 forum. It's the only other forum I participate on at the moment. Essentially what these acoustics do, and especially after reading the Tibetan article, is that it creates a vortex of energy within a mechanical system, as sound is a mechanical energy. This along seems to be able to shield/negate gravity, however, with Ed's case and Coral Castle, the use of magnetic, electric, and torsion fields can in harmonic unity with the principles of the universe perform the same function.

Anyways, I want to start playing around with didgeridoos as you can get the notes absolutely perfect with them, and see what research info I can gain with it.
Gregor ...

Just wondering if you are familiar with Rodin Math?

Scroll down to the moving hand ... look familiar?

I believe torsion (vortex) based math is important.
There is definitely a sound component.

I am a math moron and since sound and music is math, I am a sound moron, but I get the idea of it and it makes total sense.

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